Department of Civil Engineering
The department of civil Engineering was established in 2002 to facilitate the progress of society with concrete conceptual datum and sound technological base in the fields of construction and water resource management. The department has been aggregating its potential in technological advancements in tune with natural priority areas and on subsequent changing scenario in the field of constructive and water resource management. The curriculum is periodically updated with the latest techniques and advancement in this field. Greater emphasis is given for laboratory classes to familiarize the students with modern equipment that incorporate the latest techniques. Students are given training in various software packages such as STAAD, CAD covering the courses of civil Engineering discipline.

The objective of Civil Engineering Department is to disseminate the knowledge above latest technologies in Civil Engineering to the students so that they cater the demand of builders/contractors and construction industry in and around the institution as well as to the needs of the country and abroad.

Curriculum Importance
Civil Engineering is a very old branch and also a fastest growing engineering branch. The Curriculum and syllabus contains many important subjects like Structural Analysis, Structural Design, Strength of materials, Fluid Mechanics, Environmental Engineering, Irrigation Engineering, Estimation and Costing, Surveying etc. With the growth of Indian Economy, the Civil Engineers are in High demand.

Courses Offered
Course Type Specialization
Approved Intake
Course Duration
B.E Civil Engineering
4 Years

Lab Facilities :

Material Testing
UTM (1000KN capacity), spring testing machine Compression testing achine with capacity of 2000 KN
designed by G.Animone

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
Flow visualization test rigs, turbines, pumps, various flow measuring device.

Environmental Engineering
designed by G.Animone
• Facilities to carry out all types of physical and chemical analysis of water and industrial effluents.
• COD, BOD Incubator, etc.

Activities of the Department
• Student's technical meet organized periodically to sharpen the organizational skills and group behavior of the students and to aid in the exchange of technical knowledge.
• Seminars, workshops and technical lectures under the auspicious of Civil Engineering to expose the students to the latest development in Civil Engineering.
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