Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, since its inception is well known for engineers with all round expertise to meet the growing demand for technical manpower in the industrial area. The department is equipped with excellent infrastructure and state of art equipment to explore the technological challenges in the areas of electronics, telecommunication, VLSI design, embedded system, signal processing and interaction with the scientific community and inputs obtained from the industries so as to facilitate better comprehension of the cutting edge technologies. Highly experienced and dedicated faculty, imparts quality training to motivate students with stress laid on application of engineering fundamentals to problem solving. Electronics and Communication Engineering is a swiftly advancing field, with new ideas emerging every other second. From mobile phones to fiber optics and remote sensing, there are exciting avenues to explore and create. The ECE department prepares students for careers in this constantly evolving discipline.
The Department's mission is to facilitate students acquiring theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills needed for meeting the challenges in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. For quality world-class education to be delivered successfully, it is absolutely essential that the efforts of the Faculty and students be backed up by proper infrastructure. No stone has been left unturned in the quest to provide infrastructure and facilities that are of the highest standards or comparable to the best anywhere. Improvement and up gradation of the infrastructure is continuous on going process in the department. The strength of any educational program can be measured by the quality of its Faculty. In the department all the faculty members are highly qualified, competent and hand picked for their long teaching, industrial and research experience. The Department has organized many conferences and workshops to enhance the knowledge in advanced fields. The department also has a library with text and reference books,Question banks,journals and magazines which will motivate the students for learning. Additional books are also being added frequently.

Courses Offered
Course Type
Approved Intake
Course Duration
BE Electronics and Communication Engineering
4 Years

Lab Facilities :

Infrastructure / Facilities :
All laboratories are modernized and well equipped. A variety of trainer kits are provided in all the laboratories to conduct experiments. Well-qualified and experienced instructors are also appointed to train the students in the laboratory. The major laboratories are :
[1] Electronics Laboratory : Electronics Lab helps the students to acquire basic knowledge about the electronic devices like diode, transistor and thyristor families. It comprises basic electron devices lab and circuits lab. In devices lab all the device characteristics are studied. In circuits lab, the basic circuits for amplifiers and oscillator are designed, fabricated and tested. This lab also provides the facility of designing power supplies, regulators etc.
[2] Digital Lab : Digital Laboratory is equipped with the following equipment which enhances the students’ knowledge on different types of logic gates, flip flops and counters.
[3] Analog and Digital Communication Laboratory : Communication Engineering laboratory focuses on training the students in both analog and digital transmission/reception of signal. The students are trained for constructing the circuits of amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and phase modulation and various digital communication techniques.
[4] DSP/VLSI Laboratory : This lab is to impart the knowledge of various DSP processors like TMS320C5X series, ADSP 21XX series. With the facilities provided the students to analyze various concepts through simulations and implementation. An exposure for real time applications is also given.
[5] Microwave & Optics Lab : In Microwave Lab the students are exposed to the microwave active devices like klystron, Gunn diode and passive devices isolator, circulator, slide screw tuner, magic tee, directional coupler, horn antenna, attenuator, terminations. The optical communication laboratory complements the topics studied in the optical communication theory course. The lab is equipped with fiber optic trainer kits and modules to enable the study of components of an optical communication system.

• Electronic Device and Circuit Design
• Digital Circuit design
• Data Structure and C
• System Programming
• Microprocessor and Interfacing Application
• Analog and Digital Communication
• Microwave Engineering
• Network
• Optical Communication
• RF
• Digital Signal Processing
Linear Circuit Lab
Microwave Communication Lab

Activities of the Department
• Being the foundation of the IT revolution, the students of this branch are prepared with a sound knowledge of the basic services, provided with a deep understanding of digital system, digital and analog communication, computer software and simulation tools.
• In the final semester, with prior sound knowledge of hardware, software and industrial exposure, the students carry their final year working projects. Along with, they study advances subjects like satellite and mobile communication, artificial neutral networks, photonic systems, embedded systems, pattern recognition etc.
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